Be all the snark you can be in Domestic_Snark

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The most active snarking community on LJ.
We're looking for a few snarky domestics. If you:

  • feel the need to slap subservient significant others
  • are annoyed by stupid questions ..and even more annoyed when others don't get your sarcastic reply
  • wanted to throttle your co-worker who can't pack her own lunch
  • think the first amendment should not apply to chat-speak
  • believe that if you have the nerve to preface a question with "I know this is stupid, but..." that you should expect to be snarked
  • have the skills and creativity to snark with the best of them

..then this is the community for you! Enlist today!

Full Rules.
Quickie Rules: No whining, chat speak or image/long posts without cuts. Membership is open to all, but if you do something that makes us read your userinfo and confirm that you’re of age, consider yourself already banned. And if you snark the mods, you're too stupid to live. Snarks can only be directed towards posts placed in communities.
Need it spelled out?

"This is a snark community. It's what we do." - winifred
"domestic_snark: your one stop shop for snarking AND musical numbers." - foxxydancr

Be all the snark you can be in domestic_snark.

Your community mods are sandboxdiva, wait, geminigirl, and messyjessy. Anyone else is just faking it.

Contact: sandboxdiva at livejournal dot com / wait dot lj at gmail dot com

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