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tudorpot in domestic_snark

Life is just so unfair!

A request for help on making a cast of a handprint in concrete has been buried in a tale of tragic woe. Evil realtor sold a house that OP had been foreclosed on decades ago. Seems the real world is supposed to stop so that OP can continue to live in a house filled with bad wiring and other hazards. OP had been arranging for 'Fannie Mae" which I understand is some US tax payer supported thingy to do all the renos and allow OP and family to continue living in house. EBIL people who bought the place are just ebil.
Why do we need to know all this? Just post that you want to make a cast of an impression.


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I don't know... The request is the first sentence of the post. Did someone hold a gun to your head and force you to read the rest?
What a sad story :(
snark fail.

I'd be super upset if something like that happened to me, too.
You're an ass.
Holy crap, that's sad. Not sure what part of it is snark-worthy, exactly.
WTF? Sometimes people just need to vent. I see this kind of thing around here and it sucks.
It's sad - in many ways. But not crafty. Also, I do wonder about the morals of someone who will destroy a walkway owned by someone else. Just because someone is disabled doesn't mean that have the right to damage property, not pay bills etc. If someone used your services/products and then turned around and said- oh hey- I'm not paying because I use wheelchair .. have xxx wrong with me. My sister is disabled, my father was too. However, we didn't feel that gave us the right to ignore others' rights, damage property.

I read the post thinking that it was so long, it must have some info that would help us help OP.
When the fuck did she say that she shouldn't pay because she's in a wheelchair?

They lost the house because insurance dicked them over. She wants to make a REVERSE impression of the sidewalk so she can take the images with her, giving her an option besides tearing it up.

Dude, only snark-worthy thing here is your write up.

*edited because I missed the line about giving up and tearing it up. However, I am pretty sure that's just venting, since the topic of the post is making an impression.

Edited at 2012-03-15 04:57 pm (UTC)
I'm failing to see the snark here.

And, really, the drama wh*re tag needs to go.
If you read it carefully you'll see that she was actually actively paying a mortgage through an investor -- it's just that the investor was not doing responsible things with their money. So I'm not exactly seeing where this person was being a crybaby drama whore.
I didn't read it that way. An investor bought a rental property and rented to them - she was paying him rent, not a mortgage. He was using the rent for something other than paying the mortgage on a property he now owned, plus he took out another loan on it, and he lost the property - but that has nothing to do with her paying a "mortgage". She was just paying rent, she no longer owned that property and had nothing to do with its mortgage.

But no, I don't think she's a crybaby either. The whole situation sucks for the family; first they get screwed by insurance, then the person who buys it and lets them rent mismanages his finances and loses the place.
I see where you're coming from; I probably would not want to contribute an answer to that, because I would not want a reply comment filled with more TMI, as some people seem to have received.

On the other hand, that level of detail may be acceptable in that community. I've been in some communities where we basically end up having a group therapy session that has nothing whatsoever to do with our topic, while I've been in others where it's taboo to even talk about an on-topic personal project (unless you have a concise technical question). I think the level of inappropriateness depends on the tone of the community.
On the other hand, that level of detail may be acceptable in that community.

Judging by the responses she's getting to her question, it appears that's the case.
The comment she made about the people who bought the house ("I'm past caring what the scammy, rude, obnoxious people who bought the place think, as they're over here harrassing us about not moving quickly enough for them every day.") rubs me the wrong way. It's not THEIR fault, they bought a house & they want to move in.
Well if you were actively paying a mortgage and it got sold under you because the person investing in your house fucked you over, you'd probably be pretty incensed beyond logic too :\
My error I read 24 yrs was not suggesting squatting but pointing out that this did not happen overnight
empathy, do you have it?

commenters from that post offered sympathy then left detailed ideas in regards to her question. i don't see how the post is snarky-worthy.
What you fail to mention here is the details were posted under a cut. No one forced you to read it. You're just an asshole who has been banned from craftgrrl. Have a nice day :D
I have cuts turned off. No great loss if this is the culture of that com. I like my craft stuff to be crafty not filled with daytime tv type drama. .
You're not a very nice person.
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