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the_punk_hippie in domestic_snark

What are allergies between friends?

My friend is borrowing my crockpot & using it to cook something with onions. I'm deathly allergic to onions.

Why not just tell your friend to either a) make something that doesn't use onions
or b) get her own damn crockpot (seriously, they're around $20)


I almost think she only thought of the issue after she lent it out.

My crockpot was $40 and it can be hard to get the liner completely clean afterward.

Anyway, if she is allergic to food items, she shouldn't be lending out her cooking utensils.
Weak sauce.

This isn't an unreasonable issue, and if she never heard of or didn't think of liners, it's a good question.

And hey, recession? Not everyone has $20 to spare.

(don't cook walnuts in my stuff, either.)
I don't see why she is fretting- it's not as if the crockpot can't be washed.
Depending on how allergic she is, it might be an issue. I'm deathly allergic to eggs, and I've gotten sick from an eggy pan that had been through the dishwasher. This is, of course, why I don't let people cook eggs in my pans.
I don't see why she is fretting- it's not as if the crockpot can't be washed.

it depends on how serious the allergy is, even washing there might be residue. my kids are allergic to dairy and will get a reaction from dairy on peoples' hands (such as if someone ate a cracker, brushed off their hand, and then touched them, would give my kids welts). so I think it's a valid concern.
I appreciate the snark because if you are deathly allergic to something, DON'T LOAN YOUR COOKWARE OUT.

But if you do...turn to the internet for advice on how to handle your shit, yo.
That was my thoughts (well, that, & if I had a friend who was deathly allergic to something, & she loaned me a crockpot, you better believe I would NOT cook whatever she was allergic to in it)
She could tell her friend not to use onions ... or to buy those disposable liners. Problem solved.
Why would you think that a disposable liner would be better than ceramic as a barrier?
For what it's worth, even though she didn't say it in her post, the friend did know she is allergic.
That's where I am just confused as hell. If you know your friend is allergic, why the hell would you borrow the crockpot and cook something that contained the allergen? One of my roommates uses a specific bowl when she eats her nut-filled cereal since she's afraid that even after washing it, I might have a reaction.

And this is a girl I just met and moved in with a month ago. My best friends don't even eat nuts around me.
seriously, they're around $20
She's in the UK. Try $40. If it's the (discount) brand I think she means, they start at £30, although she might have got lucky with a sale. My slow cooker cost £70, which is much closer to average for the big name brands.

I'm now wondering what kind of birthday party involves mince.
wow, that's insane - I'm in Canada, & you can almost always get on either on sale, or a cheaper brand, for $19.99
(& they're ALWAYS at the second hand store)
"Keep the crock pot. I value my life more than I value it. If you value my life, get me a nice new crockpot for Christmas!"
Yup, this. If I was that worried about it, I'd be too nervous to use it even after it was cleaned, baked, bleached, whatever. Not worth it.