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journalismgirl in domestic_snark

I'm so edgy, I can cut the fabric with my hands.

I'm so edgy, I talk about myself in the third person. Can you help me make a "progressive" kilt?

Bonus edgy points granted for using the phrases "spanking the outerweb" and "skull-shaped sporn ideas". And having a username called "Psychopathic1".


OMG...hahha what a wiener!
Total wiener.
gf_girlie agrees with thenewsgeek's assumption about psycopathic1.
gf_girlie would rather be an ass than be psychopathic1.
you know what would make a progressive kilt pattern? any one of the 204385209358203952 patterns for A-line skirts at JoAnns.
But we all know that JoAnns isn't *progressive*. I mean, like, they sell mainstream patterns and crap. Surely one couldn't be expected to stop in there and find a pattern to modify!
But do any of those patterns include loads of zippers? Because loads of zippers = hip and edgy.
as does black denin
im black denim
I was thinking that maybe a progressive kilt is more form-fitting, like skinny jeans and hipster tshirts. So maybe a pencil skirt pattern would be more apropo.

Edited at 2011-08-23 04:56 pm (UTC)
psycopathic1 is looking in the wrong place. The outerweb contains only 4chan and pr0n. Useful stuff is hidden in the intartubes.
Kilts have political leanings?
nods, I was trying to think of how to make a un-hip kilt- Obviously I'm not edgy enuf.
un-hip kilts tend to fall down to around your ankles, anyway.
...so she wants a Utilikilt? Lordy, so hard to find a pattern for those. What the hell was she searching for that she DIDN'T stumble upon those?
I feel a small sliver of hope and a glimmer of victory that everyone in that community has ignored him thus far.
She's insane. Or he. Whatever.
uber kewl!
it's like someone handed him a "So You're New to the Internet" pamphlet from 1998 and he immediately memorized the vocabulary section...
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I know one guy who does rock the utilikilt. I'm not sure I've ever seen him wearing anything else. But he also looks like he could have stepped out of Braveheart (or a biker bar) in general.
something tells me the snarkee would not rock the utilikilt :'(
But he's so hot he's surround by chicks! It's totally working.