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the_punk_hippie in domestic_snark

Relationship Advice A La Postsecret

"Oh Raoul, you're perfect for me, but because you asked me for a naked picture I'm going to dump you. Never talk to me again, kthxbai"

"Oh, you want to know why I'm dumping you? It's because that any person, anywhere, who asks for a naked picture is obviously some slimeball who will videotape me without my knowledge (nevermind the fact that if you were videotaping, you wouldn't have to ask for the photo)."

I know postsecret isn't exactly 'domestic', but her relationship tips are just too good to not share :D
(besides, a relationship is domestic, isn't it? Isn't it? VALIDATE MEEE!!!)

ETA: Thanks to LJ going tits up 2-3 weeks ago, & the links being on an RSS feed that only keeps maybe a week of old entries, I can't update the links for this D:
Mods - should I just delete?


It's error 503 when Lj is borked. Either it's been deleted or the address is wrong as I'm getting a "page can't be found", too.