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Kyle biceps

payoffpitch in domestic_snark

H_D, the new Dr. Drew.

Hip Domestics, tell me about my boyfriend's boundaries!


I love how you told the OP not to delete. Ulterior motives, much?
haha nah. I had caps anyway. I just think most communities ban you for deleting, and the OP seemed cool.
She's gonna be complaining about him not helping with cleaning on some other comm in a few years if she sticks around.

If you can't stand the mess, get out of the apartment. Cleaning up after him won't do anything other than foster resentments further on down the road.

Been there.
Done that.
Read the book.
Saw the movie.
Got the Tshirt.
And the director's cut of the DVD :)
Pretty much.
that is so me. but I don't complain, I made my bed and now am living with it.
actually I do complain. a lot. but not on LJ.
That's kind of what I was thinking, too. Even the nicest people can start to take advantage of their partners, unintentionally.
good lord..
Two years? TWO YEARS and you don't know his cleaning boundaries?

I've decided to sit here and believe his place was so great before she never needed to ask, and that he's extra-busy right now so it's come up. DESPITE ANY EVIDENCE THAT MAY APPEAR TO THE CONTRARY. EVER.
I sort of wonder what everyone's responses would have been if the genders were reversed. My fiance straightens up my apartment quite often if he's there and I'm not, and so far there haven't been any resentment issues or anything, it's just fantastic to be able to relax with him when I come home from work.
Fuck I love you. Ahahahaha.
Yeah, a community on LJ TOTALLY understands everything that's going on in your BF's head!
I have known quite a few males in my day, and I feel confident in stating that your boyfriend will be overjoyed when you touch his things without checking in first. Also, cleaning his place will make him a better lover, and he will grow two inches taller.