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batshit about curtains!

klarenka in domestic_snark

Defeated by labels

Is removing labels really that damn hard? Or am I just a mean person for rolling my eyes at this? Or is this a troll, like the slimy bucket person?


No, I was wondering that too. Someone suggested soaking them in hot water and she was all "Yeah, I'd never thought of that one!" (or something to that effect) O.O
Like...seriously. Did she live a label-less childhood, where she never encountered this?
Well those labels are notoriously hard to shift. Still the logical option is hot water and her reply is "I haven't tried a good, long soaking yet, but I did notice that scrubbing under hot water helped a bit, so it makes sense that more time under water could help." It's baffling someone wouldn't try that first.

Maybe stateside it's different but here the goooff equivalent is not particularly cheap whereas jars are (ESP if you buy online) so I don't get spending loads to get labels off. If you want to reuse jars to avoid waste just pop a new label on top.

Edited at 2011-11-09 06:18 pm (UTC)
Actually, some people are just that clueless. I have a friend in real life that is even more lacking in common sense like that.

And goo-off may be more expensive than a jar, but considering you only need to use a little bit of it, really the goo-off is the cheapest most effective alternative.
life can be so hard in a world of glued on labels

you have no idea

It's a persecutorial plot by food manufacturers.
Slimy Bucket Person: Never Forget!
P.S. "And by label, I mean [lengthy description of label]" as opposed to, say, the lid, the contents, a small shoe, or the population of Detroit.
Cheap, industrial adhesives! How DO they work!?
so that I can repurpose the jars and bottles in their clean, unlabeled state,

it sounds like she's going to liberate them and return them to the wild.

Born freeeeeeeeeee, as free as the wiiiiiiiiiind blooooooooooooooows...
I guess if she's so out of touch that she's not sure if other peoplecall them labels or if that's just some cutesy term her mom came up with, then maybe soaking them in hot water would be a foreign concept.
I missed Slimy Bucket...

I missed this too, but now I'm like O_o.

I soak everything. Everything. It's like the first thing I do. Only if long soaking doesn't work do I have to sit and figure out another way. Or if the item in question can't be soaked. Like... you know... a couch. ;)
I believe slimy bucket is in reference to bruised_d0ll and their various difficulties.

Edited at 2011-11-09 07:10 pm (UTC)
"Dampen the adhesive hallmark of identification (the proper name) with ordinary household kerosene and then hold a lit match to it. The adhesive hallmark of identification will come right off."

I want to but I won't.
please do!
My first thought was "Uh, soak in hot water. Duh." And my second was disbelief that someone would actually post about that. I mean, I'm pretty sure if she tried to google how to remove labels from jars, there would be a ton of links and she wouldn't be showing her stupidity to the internet.
obviously she didn't want to use google because she wanted a tried and true method!
It's not such a bad question, honestly. There are some labels that really don't like coming off, even after a soaking.. and some things are labeled that may be really awkward to soak.

If it wasn't annoying to get them off, goo-off and acetone wouldn't be so popular.
This would be so much more true if she'd thought of soaking at all first.

And hadn't been worried that people wouldn't know what she meant by "label."
Labels! Is that what they're called? I've always used "identifying marker adhered to this container." Knowing this new term is going to save me so much time now!
To be fair, if all you've ever done is stock your closet with designer-label clothes and have never set foot in a grocery store, let along a kitchen, then as far as you'd know, "labels" are just little tags attached to your clothes, that indicate your status in society and goddammit why are they not on the outside of the clothes so everyone could see what a high-quality person you are, like, yanno?

Of course that's a pretty big


, but... Just saying.
I am kind of loving this community right now. I needed a pick me up this morning, and the comments here are full of hilarity and win.
I work with a girl who is completely clueless about things like this-that I consider COMMON SENSE. I assume it stems from never having to do any kind of household chores while growing up? I didn't have a lot of chores, but my mom taught me basic things like this.