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journalismgirl in domestic_snark

I'm so edgy, I can cut the fabric with my hands.

I'm so edgy, I talk about myself in the third person. Can you help me make a "progressive" kilt?

Bonus edgy points granted for using the phrases "spanking the outerweb" and "skull-shaped sporn ideas". And having a username called "Psychopathic1".


you know what would make a progressive kilt pattern? any one of the 204385209358203952 patterns for A-line skirts at JoAnns.
But we all know that JoAnns isn't *progressive*. I mean, like, they sell mainstream patterns and crap. Surely one couldn't be expected to stop in there and find a pattern to modify!
But do any of those patterns include loads of zippers? Because loads of zippers = hip and edgy.
as does black denin
im black denim
I was thinking that maybe a progressive kilt is more form-fitting, like skinny jeans and hipster tshirts. So maybe a pencil skirt pattern would be more apropo.

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