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kageneko in domestic_snark

Help me ruin my relationship!

I don't trust my boyfriend, so instead of talking to him about it, I want to be sneaky and underhanded and I need the internet to help me!


I was gonna post this but you beat me to it!

1. You are wise in your comments to her.
2. She doesn't want to listen to reason, obviously.
I love your hat!
"I don't want to leave him" then why does it matter if he's looking at porn and talking to girls....?
Because I want him to be WRONG so I can be RIGHT and for everyone to KNOW!
Wow... more issues than a stack o' National Geographic.


SHIT. Wow. I'm. I've been rendered wordless. That's just... special. (And geez, he's looking at porn? Get over yourself. *facepalm*)
Reading that, I understand why the divorce rate is 50%. Guys look at porn. It doesn't have any reflection on you. They just like porn. I myself like porn as well. Doesn't mean I don't love my SO.

So, you think that one wild flake on the internet is the reason the divorce rate is so high?
Hahaha! I knew the minute you included the definitions that the post was probably going to end up here.

The OP makes me very, very sad. I hope her BF dumps her at some point and then doesn't agree to go back. 'Cuz I can't believe this is her very first episode of psycho-stupid where he's concerned.
Key loggers are for when you need hard evidence so that Mr Lies and Excuses will STFU and get out without giving you more lies and excuses. They aren't for saving relationships, they are for providing a quicker end to them.

And totally appropriate in some situations, I think.

Just not when trying to save a relationship.
exactly. she ain't gonna save her relationship with it.
That went around in more circles than Who's On First?


I know I've seen the OP around, but this is the only thread I could easily get my hands on.


Oh, wait.


Re: trollery

ah, bodily fluids on HD. love it!
so the "friend" from Dec. is now her bf?
i'm so confused.....hahahah....kidding.
But. But. But. He's got wadded up tissues in his garbage! That PROVES he's cheating.

Sounds like a pretty screwed up relationship if she's left him before.

I love when she tries to say that she IS NOT, ABS NOT, being sneaky or underhanded. There's a leap in logic there I am just not seeing.

Obviously, she is going to do it, but I hope she considers herself forwarned - if he finds out, the shit will hit the fan. One would think if she didn't trust him- and she simply refuses to leave - she would password lock her computer and be done with it.

Oh wait, she DOES trust him. She just wants PROOF.

Talk about being in denial.
That post is GOLDEN.

OMG, my boyfriend looks at p0rn! Wahwah! That's so wrong!

Fuck lady, it's porn. It's not like he's banging your sister.
But porn is a gateway drug!!!
Hahaha, those 3 posts were all so amusing. I hope there's more. It's hilarious when some people can't understand a joke. "Her icon called me a slut!" "I don't hit my bf!"
And damnit, now I want a mocha cake.
they share a computer. i've already been yelled at over there by questioning why they share. oppps.
She's too busy replying to the post to check her friends list to see it. lol
They call it bisexual for a reason. But if he's with a guy, then its a deal breaker for me.
LOL but it's ok if he cheats with a girl!
Yes, because she can "compete" with a girl, but if it's a guy then she just has "nothing to work with."

This was my first question - is needing tech help to deal with more drama than I wanted to think about hip or domestic? Inquiring minds want to know.
THAT is just what I was thinking too..
Unless you count the gin-soaked paranoid housefrau kind of thing amongst the domestic end of things.

"they call it bisexual"

Man, I'll take him. A good man who knows how to bring another good man home? I call that a catch.

PS -- She is going to have one -hell- of a time maintaining an adult relationship if she doesn't let her man look at porn. Who'd want a guy who refuses to wank? (unless he's some sort of super tantra boyfriend) He will probably be as interesting as a bowl of -pudding- in the sack by the time you're done with him.
Holy Jesus, my favorite is "I want to see if he's still surfing porn."

Does he have a cock between his legs? Then guess what? HE'S STILL SURFING PORN!

Big shocker.

she doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb but...

why do people give away so much personal information? It's completely possible to get the answer to that question without getting flamed or snarked. No one needs to know why you're asking.

Oh wait, I think I answered my own question.

Re: she doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb but...

Poor thang had to justify her spying. She is not going to be in a happy place with the guilt of spying -plus- finding her man's steamy boy-sex chat logs.
My boyfriend made the point that I think is very good- if they have a rule that he's not allowed to look at porn, and he is, then he's wrong to break it. If it's a problem for him, then he shouldn't have a agreed to it in the first place, or they should discuss it. But she's also wrong for not trusting him (which my boyfriend also said).
Yes, I agree with your boyfriend. I don't see why a man looking at porn is an issue per se, but if he promised her he wouldn't do it anymore, a promise is a promise, and he ought to abide by it.

But yeah, spying on him and going through his trash over *internet porn* is just like the dumbest thing I've seen all year.
Aw it's deleted. Bummer, sounds like I missed a good one - can anyone fill me in on what the gist of it was?
idiot control freak repeat-offender sosu_grrl (the same one who once upon a time asked H_D how to get spoodge out of her sofa before mummy and dadsy came over to visit) just posted today in search of a software package that would tell her "in real time" what was going on with her computer to make sure bf was off the porn or chat for good. She was pretty sure he was lying because she found some wadded up tissues (in...the...garbage) and that getting sneaky and underhanded was appropriate rather than, say, TALKING to him and resolving things. It was all so awesomely stupid.

There might be a better recap over in stupid_free.